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Take a look at the currently trending celebrities, the most popular birthdays for a specific day or jump to a random or recently added celebrity's page if you're not looking for anything specific. Birthplace : Chicago, Illinois, U. Death Date : August 28, Age at death : 14 years old.

About Emmett Till

Sign : Leo. He was found dead at the age of 14 in Mississippi. He talked to a white woman, who had a small grocery store in Mississippi. Some nights later, her husband and his brother went to Till's great-uncle's house and they asked for him.

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They took him away, they beat him, they gouged out one of his eyes and they shot him in the head. On September 23, , the all-white jury acquitted both males after a minute deliberation.

Leo Quotes & Sayings for Today

One juror said: "If we hadn't stopped to drink pop, it wouldn't have taken that long". Emmett Till Photo Gallery. Mose Wright stands and points to J. Leo Zodiac Facts mobile. Leo Fact: Leo: You have to be really close to a Leo for them.

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  7. Leo Fact: Leo: They live and love hard and you would be very. Leo Fact: If a Leo feel like they have to constantly fight. If you love a leo , don't let them go Leo Astrology leo. Zodiac Leo Facts For more zodiac fun facts, click here. Leo Fact: Leo: They will trust you completely without so. Leo Fact: Leo: Leos can be warm and laid-back, but when it's. Leo Fact: As a Leo you get irritated with someone that's.

    These are the zodiac signs with the most billionaires — and the least - Business Insider

    Leo facts Zodiac 1 Awesome zodiac sign. Alone time Me Leo zodiac, Leo traits, Leo.

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    Leo Fact: Something you don't know about a Leo: They're not. Caps are the. Leo Leo zodiac facts, Leo zodiac, Leo.

    Leo Fact: Leos are good at not letting little things upset. Life Of The Leo.

    Our silence can be deafening, careful LeoNation Leo. Pin by Amanda Nichols on words, quotes and expressions Leo.