Daily tarot february 9 2020

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  1. Mike with the Tarot Card of the Day today, January 16th:
  2. Tarot workshop at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Oct. 30
  3. | Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic
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Mike with the Tarot Card of the Day today, January 16th:

Your responsibility toward the collective and to your fellow man will be stimulated. This will be the highest vibration of Saturn in Aquarius and, by the end of the year when Jupiter enters Aquarius December 19 and creates a perfect conjunction to Saturn December 21 , you will be ready to build a visionary foundation in a certain area of your life that can ultimately have a ripple effect on others. Aside from these incredibly dynamic cosmic shifts, will also be a year that both Venus AND Mars go retrograde. Between May 13 and June 25, Venus will retrograde in the intellectual sign of Gemini.

The first eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius series punctuates the middle of this retrograde cycle: on June 5, Venus Retrograde will oppose the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. All of this will square nebulous Neptune. This suggests a significant time for all, involving telling someone close to you the truth about a money or romantic situation from your past.

This also means it's time to tell yourself the truth about this matter. It's overdue. Mars Retrograde, from September 9 - November 13, will be particularly tricky since Mars will be backtracking in his home sign of Aries. Colour reds. You need to avoid mental tension and stress as they can manifest health problems. You tend to imagine negative results and events that are not likely to take place so be realistic, positive and practical.

Tarot workshop at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Oct. 30

Stop fighting and letting in some love and fresh energy! Lucky number 9. Colour blue. Emotional choices and difficult situations are on the cards but you come out of them without being harmed.

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Mood swings and false perceptions may have to be accepted for now. Crazy people can create scenes, remain a witness rather than become a participator. Colour gray. Beware of conceit in professional matters and over indulgence on social occasions. You participate in vigorous activity as you are in good shape. Your inner journey towards growth and your outer journey towards progress is by no means over - avoid complacency. Colour red. Your energy seems depleted after a period of hard work and stress today.

| Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

It's important to rejuvenate energy and build physical stamina. Avoiding mental tension and taking things in your stride can regain health. A Leo person helps you lighten up and enjoy life. Lucky number 7. A touching and transforming experience is on the cards!

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Physical strength and endurance enable you to indulge in busy schedules and sport. You must aim for the highest and not make compromises, as achievement of the highest degree is possible now.

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