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So what does the condition of our hearts look like in the days to come? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn. The thing about loneliness is that it catches up with the best of us. Instead of glorifying the dark abyss that you have found yourself in, have an honest conversation with yourself.

How did you get here in the first place?

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But, with the right intention. Coupled rams, honesty poses as your biggest challenge as well—rather the lack of. Again, open the channel of communication. Express your needs and wants to your partner. You have what it takes to get through this and heal your relationship.

Daily horoscope for Thursday, February 14, 12222

Ready or not, here comes the change! But the thing about change is that it can go both ways. So send the right intention and act in accordance. You are being supported to break a toxic cycle.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

The love, abundance and fulfilment you are seeking await you on the other side of this transformation. Taurus, you deserve to be with somebody who loves all of you, not just the parts of you that serve their baser motives. Free the act of lovemaking from the burden of bringing a child into this world and allow yourself to flow. Never go to bed angry, and if you do, ensure your partner wakes up to the smell of pancakes and strawberry compote. Watch your tendency to avoid confrontation by burying yourself in work or being in places you have no business at.

Everything can be figured out, Gemini, provided you are willing to sit down and talk. When the world looks at you, they see a picture-perfect story. Cancer, you are ready to embark upon yet another journey together.

Your partner will be happy to love you and support you in the best way they can, as long as you give them a chance to. Have you made an effort to hear the other out?

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Let go of your preconceived notions and open the channel of communication. This is the only way to heal the wounds, both new and old. When baser emotions like anger and vengefulness get the better of you, remind yourself of the love that brought you together, that is both sacred and pure. The Universal Spirit is supporting to do away with all the things that are keeping you from growing and transcending together. Single Virgos discover that self-exploration is the path to fulfilment. Let the love that you have for yourself set the barometer for those who want to step into your space.

Virgo daily horoscope - 12 November

But who am I outside of this relationship? Some of you may still want to hole up in your den and contemplate your navel.

Daily Horoscope February 12 & 13, 2017 - Moon Enters Virgo - True Sidereal Astrology

This is a good thing. After this quiet time, you should expect to undergo a little regeneration. You may be disturbed during the first week of the month by feelings of vulnerability. You might go off on an insecure binge of self-examination that will only serve to make you question your path in life. So, get out the household cleaner and some Q-tips and freak out!

Everything is just peachy for most of you. Good luck could be coming your way and things may just seem to work out in your favor. Leo cuspers may see a few fireworks this month when tension causes you to erupt in little fit of pique. And some of you with Virgo rising might go rooting around for something strange. You may also be in a defiant mood. You might even rebel by hanging a tool on the wrong hook in the garage!

This may be a time of discovery for those with Virgo rising.

Leo cuspers may feel tension accumulating to critical mass until they burst out in a little temper tantrum. This is not a good idea, try not to be so damn picky! Happy Birthday! For most people, this would be a good time for contemplation. But since you over-analyze everything all year round, you can skip that part. Those born near the cusp of Leo may still have their panties in a bunch for the first half of the month. If you were born near the cusp of Libra, you should be enjoying some good fortune! Most of you will be bright, witty, dynamic and assertive this month.

Loosen up, have some fun! You need to get in touch with your feelings now and in the months ahead.

Happy Halloween! This month is a mixed bag. Those of you who are feeling a little confused might say something really weird. So, watch what you say and have a Happy Thanksgiving! This month will have its ups and downs. Most of you will have a few days here and there throughout the month when your mind will be foggy and you may have trouble speaking. It might help if you try cutting down on the rum in the eggnog. If you were born on the cusp of Libra, things should go smoothly after mid month.

So, hang your balls from the Christmas tree and have fun! Sixth Sign of the Zodiac Earthy Virgo is the sign of service to others.

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You are an analytical person who loves detail and understanding how something works. You can be fussy and find faults where others do not see them. You can apply your mind to problems that others may find too menial, but for you, where learning is involved you are happy. Stress and worry are major lessons for you, also criticism of your own efforts, which is generally unfounded. Learn to value your own knowledge, and judgement.

Mercury is the traditional Ruling Planet for Virgo. Amongst modern Astrological thought, Chiron discovered is now thought to rule this sign, with Mercury ruling Gemini. The myth for Chiron talks of a major healer who lived in caves in the forest. Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin. She is often depicted with an ear of corn and a child on her lap, indicating fertility and what work needs to be done to produce this.

This represents a pure, unspoiled even chaste state and a desire for purity and perfection. She is likened to the Roman Goddess of the Harvest, Ceres.